After 25 Republicans Refuse To Support President Trump – Donald Demands The Complete List Of All 25 “RINOs”

As far as President Donald Trump is concerned, if you’re a Republican, you should be on his side. You should be backing his election 2020 battle all the way. However, some GOP members have publicly stated that the election is over and Trump should concede. The media and most Democrats wholeheartedly agree, of course. But […]

Supreme Court Orders Trump’s Pennsylvania Case Moved – Justice Alito Just Decided To Move It To The Safe Harbor Deadline

Since Election Day, President Trump and his legal team have battled to protect our election integrity. They are fighting to ensure our democracy is not taken over by fraud or wrongdoing. To that end, they (and many other Republicans) have brought numerous cases to court. Some of those cases have not worked out in their […]

It’s Not Over Yet, Folks – Supreme Court Shakes Up 2020 Election, Assigns Conservatives To Swing State Circuit Courts

The media has been pushing their election narrative since the beginning of the month. They want conservatives to just give up the fight. But the battle continues to be fought in the courts, which can decide the future of the presidency. Trump’s team has multiple cases moving through various state courts—which can end up in […]

Bill Barr Is Closing In On Democrats – He Admits Americans Will Be Familiar With ‘Some Names’

We sympathize with you if you’ve been impatient to hear results from the DOJ’s investigation against the deep state. But the good news is, you might not have to wait much longer. Bill Barr’s “bulldog” John Durham has been leading the case for a long time. It seems he has left no stone unturned to […]